BHEL Engineer Trainees Question Paper 2012 | BHEL Engineer Trainees Exam Previous Papers

BHEL Engineer Trainees Question Paper Download | BHEL Engineer Trainees Exam Previous Papers 2011 2012

BHEL PAPER – AUG 2009 2010 2011 2012 – SECUNDERABAD
It comprises of 2 sections Technical (120) and Aptitude (120), total 240 (Test duration 150 minutes). Here I will post the questions as far as I remember. I am from mechanical stream. Paper is easy and many are direct questions, only factor concerned is the time.

1. Critical load acting axially on a long column
Ans: (pi)2*E*I/L2
2. Relation between moment of area and radius of gyration
Ans: I=AK2
3. Cup shaped components are produced using which operation
Ans: drawing
4. A sheet of Al alloy having 2mm thickness is welded using which process
Ans: TIG
5. Two gears having teeth 18 and 40 and center distance 56.. what is the module?
6. In thick cylinders, which of the following is true[*S stands for sigma*] (a) St>Sr (b) St=Sr (c)St
7. In a plane stress condition, if the centre of Mohr’s circle coincides with the origin then which is true.. …the relation between Sx and Sy is asked
8. Lame’s theorem…F1/sinA=F2/sinB=F3/sinC
9. Young’s modulus value for steel=200Gpa
10. Thermal conductivity of silver=400w/m0K
11. Fouling factor formula….F.F =1/Udirty-1/Uclean
12. Relation between notch sensitivity factor and theoretical stress concentration factor
13. Effectiveness of heat exchanger definition
14. Reynolds’s number formula
15. Clinical thermometer is which order system …0,1,2, or 3
16. Piezometric transducer is used to find which signals-static or… dynamic
17. Peclet number formula=Re*Pr
18. Radiation energy emitted, Emitted=S*A*T4
19. Which of the following is not related to CI engine (a) Fuel pump (b) carburetor (c).. (d) none
20. Two connected in series having stiffness’s K1, K2 Kequivalent=K1*K2/K1+ K2
21. Magnification factor at resonance, MF=1/2zeta
22. Coroili’s component value, =2vw
23. Hooks law holds good upto (a)elastic point (b)UYP(c)LYP(d)Failure
24. Meshing of two gears fail if (a) materials are different(b)
25. A beam whose one end is fixed and other is free is (a)cantilever (b)ss (c)Udl (d)none
26. Deflection at the free end of cantilever =PL3/3EI
27. Shear stress, twisting moment given ,find diamaeter…
28. Formula for polar moment of inertia of a hollow shaft
29. Formula for logarithmic decrement
30. A problem based on the above formula
31. Two question on transmissibility (W/Wn ratio)
32. Question from vibration..mass, k given.. cal frequency
33. Two more questions, one each from riveted joints and cotterjoint
34. 1BHN=N/m2 35. Temperature limits, given to find Carnot’s efficiency
36. Metacentric height is the distance between Metacentre and —-
Ans: Centre of gravity
37. Force and displacement vector given to find out the work done
38. Rota meter is used to find (a)flow(b)velocity(c)pressure(d)density In addition, 10-12 were asked from electrical basics.

Antonyms (5)-Facetious, Benign.. Synonyms (5)-very easy Fill in the blanks (5):-a bit tough 2 Comprehension passages Correction of sentences-(5) Reasoning (5) This section is very easy that u can start of the exam with.

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